Monday, January 19, 2015

the magic of human touch

Greetings, fellow humans!

We humans were born to touch. Photo credit: Warner Photography
As social animals, the very core of our survival has always relied on being part of a supportive group. More than words, the sense of kind touch from another person lets us know on a deep level that we are safe and secure. When we are sad, a good hug often does something for us that nothing else can. When a child is upset, the calming cuddle of a parent or trusted friend is the best medicine. The therapeutic effects of touching each other have been proven by countless studies, yet most of us in western cultures still do not get enough positive touch in our lives. Many of us get loads of “virtual contact” through social media, text, email, and we even have the occasional face to face interaction. Physical contact, however, seems undervalued in modern western society.
So… Where do we start?
1. Hug your friends, family, and anyone else who won’t get offended. (There’s no need to creep out strangers, right?)
2. Cuddle your kids, grandkids or your partner.
3. Get a massage! Much as an opera singer has devoted their life to perfecting the human voice, a trained massage therapist has devoted theirs to perfecting the skill of therapeutic human touch. A skilled therapist can help calm your mind and body to allow your true self to shine!
If you want to schedule a massage with me, contact Synchronicity Wellness, or find me on my facebook page

OK... now go hug someone!
                                                       Much love, Mo the human