Thursday, April 3, 2014

Give in to spring fever! (if only a little)

It happens every year...


 It's as if the virile, playful, wild animal within us is awakening from hibernation.

Color seeps from the tips of every grey branch on every grey tree. We see more skin as the people around us peel off their cozy winter layers. The smell of various blossoms explodes in the morning air. Depending on where we live, a gentle chorus of songbirds says good morning or perhaps a raging cacophony of birds fights for our ears. Warm sun bathes our skin. A gentle breeze carries with it more than just pollen, it carries a childish hope of things to come...

As responsible adults, we are dutifully working to accomplish all the tasks in our busy, scheduled lives. However, everything in nature is determined to undermine our narrowly defined "success".

In the brief moments where we walk from our house to the car, from our car to work, or into a store... Spring is teasing us. All of the beauty is begging us, perhaps even daring us to blow off work and go play.

I say do it. Give in to spring fever. Perhaps you cannot fully let go, but take in a few little bites of freedom.

Eat your lunch outside. Go barefoot, as you drive to work with the windows down. Take a few extra minutes to sit in the sun. Stop off and play outside on your way home from work. Go for a quick run in the woods, if only for 10 minutes. If you are lucky enough to be commuting by bicycle, take a scenic route, and enjoy a new path. If you have kids, go outside and play with them. Wade in a creek. Take your dog for a hike.

The animal within will thank you.

We don't have to completely destroy our busy schedule. However, by just allowing a little playtime, we can go on doing all the "to do's" and feel a little happier in the process. Who knows, we might even have some fun!

OK, now go outside and play! 

                                                             -Much love, Mo the human.

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