Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Every car is a "convertible"

Greetings, fellow humans!

Do you love your car? Bluetooth, cruise control, automatic transmission, power windows, AC, keyless entry... My first car had none of these. Heck, it didn't even have a radio. And I LOVED that rusty old Datsun station wagon! It was the thrill of mobility. It was the wind in my hair, the pure joy of fast movement and the simple visceral pleasure of driving! Sure, it was about as pretty as a stretched out Ford Pinto and smelled a little funky (ok, sometimes a lot funky), but it was loads of fun.

I had a wonderful decade in Boulder, CO where I rarely used a car... I commuted mostly by bicycle. I would enjoy almost every ride (even in wet or cold weather) as I rode through the masses encased in their steel and glass capsules. Since moving back to North Carolina, I find that am part of the encased masses myself.

These days, I sometimes see someone in a roofless jeep or an open corvertible and have a little envy. The other day, I saw someone in a convertible on a beautiful sunny day with the roof and windows up. "What are they doing"? I briefly thought. -Then it occurred to me... "What am I doing"?

I promptly turned off my radio and rolled down all of my windows. (Something quite easily accomplished with the modern convenience of power windows.) Sure, there is no rag top, or even a sunroof in my car, but my work commute changed immediately:

There it was... The pure, simple joy of driving. 

Thank you, random human encased in a closed-up convertible!

OK, now go outside and play!    -Much love, Mo the human.

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