Friday, September 20, 2013

Wheat isn't health food? What in the world do you mean?

I know, it sounds crazy... I grew up thinking wheat was health food too.

"Wheat sustained entire civilizations for centuries!" I thought.

"It's loaded with heart healthy fiber, reduces cholesterol, and is super-duper yummy!"
"Can I never eat a doughnut again!?" I gasped...
Well, not to fear, no one is gonna take your doughnuts away.

However, cardiologist William Davis, MD makes a pretty good case that perhaps we need to take another look at our relationship with this grain.

For those who love to ready sciency-type stuff, Dr. Davis' book "Wheat Belly" is well worth a look.

Gluten has been getting loads of press these days. However, it turns out WGA and other proteins in wheat may be of much greater danger to most of us. This link to a short article by Dr. David Perlmutter is well worth reading.

Wheat, It's not the wheat your great grandma used to make pie crusts from.
If you want more of Dr. Davis, look here.

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