Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I'm 42 and in the best shape of my life... Really.

When I say I'm fit, I am not referring to my appearance, but more so to my functional ability in daily life, and my overall health and energy. According to my wife, I have never looked better. (I consider that a nice bonus!) See below for a cheesy snapshot she took of me while I was doing yard work:

I "work out" for about 10-20 minutes... once per week.

If you're saying "I don't have time to work out", I must humbly disagree.

I will admit, exercise plays a somewhat small part in the overall "fitness equation" of my current personal self-care plan. I really think nutrition makes up about 80% of what we call "Health and Fitness" for most people, but for now let's address exercise.

First of all, let me say... I don't like "exercise" very much. Plenty of people do. I have lots of friends who love to go to the gym. Many folks I know and respect are big time fans of crossfit.  I do plan someday to write a post: "Why I love crossfit. (Even though I don't do it.)"

I really LOVE movement.

Ah, yes... Sheer, playful, joyful movement! For me, this has at times been numerous martial arts, (especially BJJ), cycling, hiking, dancing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, running, yoga, swimming, yard work,  etc.

But, truthfully,  I don't really enjoy exercise just for the sake of exercise...

If you want the accountability, safety, support, and community that comes along with it, you might hire a trainer, take a spin class, consider crossfit, powerlifting, pilates, yoga, or any martial art or dance form that appeals to you.  I think there are some great active communities to be found out there.  Here in Asheville, we have a truly great BJJ/MMA/Judo facility that I hope someday to have the time to go play in! My wife teaches at an amazingly beautiful yoga studio, and we have quite possibly the best pilates instruction anywhere... Oh, and may I add... as of August 2014: I am now available for personal wellness coaching though Synchronicity Wellness !) Yipeee!!!!

I'll go into my mental separation and joining of work, play and exercise later, as this whole subject is very dear to my healthy and happy heart.

That being said, I do see the medical benefit of exercise. Therefore, in my busy life, I follow a "Play as much as possible, exercise as little as necessary" plan. There are thousands of books and blogs out there on the various theories of exercise. So far, my favorite book on the physiology and biochemistry exercise is Body By Science by Doug McGuff, MD (review to come later, eventually).

If you'd like to save yourself countless hours on a treadmill, by watching one talk… HERE is a great talk by Dr. McGuff explaining the cellular biochemistry of exercise.

If you are self-motivated, Drew Baye's Project KRATOS offers a great way to get effective training done with bodyweight exercise, and very little equipment (or none).

Also, there is a great no-gym option that will fit in your pocket! If you have an iPhone or iPad, this $3 app is money well spent for some no-gym workouts. Android users can get theirs here.

Ok, now go outside and PLAY!
                                                                       -love, Mo the human


  1. Mo, great post and can't wait to see more. At 48 I feel well, exercise, and have over hauled my diet to Paleo which has made me feel great. I agree w/ your mind set on excercise, though I am doing crossfit again after a few month lay off.

    A friend of mine said to me a couple of years ago, "I think our society is mostly out of shape because people don't play anymore...people need to play more". This resinated in my head upon reading your post. Play meaning something that doesn't need a "controller" in our hands as the definition of play has greatly changed in the last 25-35 years. Maybe if we all play more, our kids will have a broader definition of the word play, and not look for a video controller when the word is mentioned.

    Look forward to future posts!
    Thanks, Stan Webb

  2. Thank, Mo. I've been doing the 10-minute trainer with great success, for my goals, but sometimes it's fun to jazz things up a bit.

    1. Hey Kris, What's the 10-minute trainer?